How to Quickly Connect With New People

Connecting with people should be easy, but it usually takes time.

We all love new friendships, but the adjustment period is something we could do without. If you want to quickly connect with new people, these foolproof tips will help you out.


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Replace 'I' Comments With 'You'

When first meeting someone, it's likely you'll want to impress them. It's natural to feel the urge to communicate what a great person you are and all the great activities you have going on. Nevertheless, if you want to truly connect, keep an eye you for too many statements that start with "I." Swap out your "I love sports" for a "What sport do you like?" After you hear out the new person you're talking to, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss common interests.


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Lay a Foundation

During your first few meetings, look to lay a foundation for the friendship. Do you share a similar schedule? Do they also come from a family with a lot of siblings? Take a mental inventory of what types of things you have in common and don't be afraid to continue referencing them so that you may lay a foundation for the relationship.


Don't Leave Without Planning the Next Hang

A key to getting close is to not let too much time pass before you see each other again. If you feel like you connected during your first few hours of meeting each other, be bold and plan for the next hang before the first one is over. Swap cell phone numbers, follow each other on Instagram, make it known that you enjoyed their company and that you would like to hang out again. If you let too much time pass, things cool down and connections become lost.


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Use Their Name in Conversation

Studies have shown that humans love hearing their name in conversations. A quick way to gain their alertness is to use their name in sentences. Start questions with their name, and when you paraphrase what they said also include their name. So instead of saying "What's your favorite snack?" you can say, "John, what's your favorite snack?" You can also start sentences by saying things like, "How John just explained…" instead of simply saying "What he just said…"


Remember the Little Things

Life is about the details, and getting close to somebody is no exception. Remember their birthday, their pet's name and other small facts others may not. By referencing these facts in conversation, it'll show somebody that you care and that you're putting in the extra effort to start a great relationship.


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