How to Rock Leather During the Summer

When it comes to summertime, we love throwing on a sundress, flip flops and running out the door.

However, there are other times we like to get more dressed up! Whether it's a pair of sky-high heels, a fancy dress or something else, we can always find an occasion to look our best. One item that's tricky to pull off during the hotter months is leather.

Do you have trouble figuring out how to wear it? Keep reading for our advice on how to rock leather during the summer:

Pair a Leather Blazer With Denim Shorts or Pants

On your next stroll through town with your friends, throw on your favorite pair of denim shorts or pants with a leather blazer. It'll make you look super chic yet relaxed, which is the perfect vibe to go for during the summer. We think this look is best completed with a laid-back attitude, bold red lip and platform sandals.

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Rock a Leather Dress With Chunky Shoes

Since your summer wardrobe probably consists of many flowy dresses, why not change it up? If you have a leather dress, rock it with a pair of some cute chunky shoes. Whether they're Doc Martens or a chunky boot, your look will come across as super fierce and trendy. Make sure to wear your hair in a bun or pony so you don't get too overheated.

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Wear Leather Shorts With a Tight Bodysuit

If you're trying to come up with a casual outfit, leather shorts are your best bet. They're so easy to style, and during the summer months we think they're amazing with a tight bodysuit. Go for monochromatic colors for a Parisian-chic look. Trust us, if you post your outfit on Instagram, the likes and comments will flow.

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Throw on a Flowy Dress With Knee-High Leather Boots

If leather clothes aren't quite your thing, opt for a pair of your sassiest leather or faux-leather knee-high boots instead. Be sure to find one of your favorite flowy dresses to wear with it for the ultimate flirty summer 'fit. The unexpected combination of a girly dress with bold boots will look incredible, promise!

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Pair Leather Trousers With a Cute Blouse

It's our strong belief that every girl should have a pair of killer leather trousers hanging in their closet. And we know what you're thinking… leather pants during the summer? While it may seem odd, hear us out. By pairing them with a statement blouse of your choice you'll rule every room you walk into. We recommend sticking with neutral colors like whites, blacks and browns.

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