How to Run a Successful Class President Campaign

So you want to run for student council president?

Join the club. No seriously, you should really consider joining a government and politics club at your school. You already have all of the creativity and chops to be the class president, but you may lack a little "know-how."

In a sea of students who want to be the ASB prez, you need to make yourself stand out from the rest by running a successful campaign.

Scroll below for tips on running the best student class president campaign of the year:

1. Talk to Everyone

Find ways to connect with people randomly, such as in the lunch line or on the bus. Gaining the interest of your friends and soccer team is great and all, but you also want to expend your platform to students you haven't met or cliques you don't usually, well, click with.

Chat with them about the issues they care about and the policies they'd like to see change, rather than simply campaigning at them. They'll feel more involved in the process and realize that you're a student council prez they can trust.

Riley and Maya talking with Farkle at lunch table

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


2. Make Your Buttons Pop

Buttons are a fun way to spread the word of your campaign, but you have to make them stand out from the rest. This may seem obvious, but follow-through can be difficult when it comes to thinking out-of-the-box.

Try different shapes and colors. Instead of a round button with black lettering, try out square buttons with neon colors. Can you rig buttons to speak when pressed? You want your buttons to be so cool that people other than your friends are willing to don them on their jackets and backpacks.

Andre Johnson for President button from Black-ish

(Black-ish via ABC Studios)


3. Enlist Your Friends

You don't want to spend the entire day, every day talking yourself up. It gets old to you and it definitely gets old to your classmates. So, enlist your friends to do it for you.

Every good campaign has a campaign manager and staff. Your friends make up the perfect group to speak on behalf of your character and work ethic.

Paris Geller and friends from Gilmore Girls

(Gilmore Girls via Warner Bros.)


4. Show Your Fun and Functional Sides

While you'll draw a lot of attention and gain some popularity points by having fun with your campaign, you still want to show the student body that you take the election seriously. After all, once the election is over, your classmates need to know that you'll be able to get the job done.

Vote for Tracy Flick image still from Election

(Election via Paramount Pictures)


5. Talk With Teachers and Admin

When it comes to making campaign promises, you want to make sure that these platforms are actually doable once you're elected president. Before you start running on specific policies, talk to teachers, office staff and the school principal or VP about what changes you can actually contribute.

Not only will this allow you to keep the promises you make, but it'll give you higher ground when your opponent promises something that you know they can't keep. Crazy promises like a longer winter break are likely to rile up the interest of the student body, but once you call your opponent out on their pie-crust-promise, the class will see that you've done your research.

Boy Meets World still of Cory talking with Mr. Feeny

(Boy Meets World via Disney Channel)


6. Learn the Why as Well as the What

What I mean here is that when you speak with your classmates about the issues they'd like to see change, dig deeper to get to the root of the problem. If most girls are complaining about the dress code, figure out the core issue. Is it a comfort issue? Is it a body positivity issue? Getting to the bottom of a problem makes it easier for you to not only plan your platforms, but to speak with the school staff on how and what is able to budge.


7. Posters and Buttons and T-Shirts, Oh My

When it comes to crunch time, what's more valuable? Buttons or posters? Do T-shirts do the trick? The truth is, it doesn't really matter what types of promotional signage you use because different classmates respond to different things. But at the end of the day, you want to make sure that whatever you use is unique and will stand out from the rest. The days of signs reading, "[Insert name] 4 Prez" are over. You'll blend in with the crowd and won't get very far in the campaign.

Your classmates love a good pun, as lame as they can seem, and also like to see what kind of slogan you'll come up with that incorporates your name. No need to spend boat loads of money, but rather invest your time in making the signs clean, creative and easy to read.

Vote for Pedro still from Napoleon Dynamite

(Napoleon Dynamite via Paramount Pictures)


7. Play the Long Game

Long before it's time to start running for student council, join clubs and events so you can see and learn how it's all done. What makes the club president good or valuable? This also gives you a chance to meet more people and learn about niche interests. Who would have known that the Asian-American Culture club wanted a bigger room for their meetings if you hadn't joined their group? By getting involved, you're meeting more people all while learning the ins and outs of leadership.


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