5 Tips for Smelling Fresh All Day—Because You Don't Want to Be That Girl

Whether it's spiders, heights or something else, we all have fears.

When it comes to me, I have a fear of smelling bad. I honestly can't think of anything worse then having someone tell me I'm stinky, or, even worse, not telling me. You can always count on me to have perfume on deck.

So, what's the secret to smelling good and having it last all day? Continue on for five tips to smelling fresh all day:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

The key to smelling fresh starts with keeping your body in check. By consistently drinking water, you're flushing toxins out of your system, leading to a better-smelling you.

Foods like garlic and coffee tend to linger, so by drinking water, you're thinning out the aroma your body is likely putting out. Since I can't live without garlic, you can find me with a bottle of water glued to my hand at any hour of the day.

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2. Apply Perfume

Perfumes smell different on everybody. I know, it's weird, but what smells good on your bestie might not smell great on you. That's why it's important to find a scent tailored to your body.

If you need an emergency spritz of perfume from a friend during the day, pay attention to the key notes in it. Is it going to make you smell intensely musky or floral? If so, ditch the spritz and head to the bathroom instead. Dampen a paper towel with a bit of soap and apply it under your armpits to re-boost your system, or carry a deodorizing spray with you for easy, midday touch-ups.

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3. Change Out Your Socks and Panties

I always make it a point to switch out my socks and panties during the day. If I'm switching activities, I always grab fresh pairs. If you've been at school all day and have a date later that night, you should not only change your outfit, but your undergarments, too.

By changing your socks, you're allowing your shoes to remain fresh and not cling on to a lingering, ripe smell. By changing your underwear, you're avoiding infections and yucky smells.

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4. Wear Deodorant

One of the biggest beauty mistakes people make is forgoing deodorant. You should neverever, do this. Even if you think you don't sweat, trust me, you need it. Opt for a subtle, fresh scent, so it's not the focal point your body emits to the world.

Throughout the day, you might need to reapply, depending on your environment. Keep a spare deodorant in your purse, locker or desk for emergencies.

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5. Avoid Smelly Foods

Certain foods emit pungent scents—many of which are not pleasant to our nostrils. Garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions and asparagus are just some examples of foods that cause bad body odor.

However, I understand that everyone needs their fix (looking at myself, here) and can't always avoid smelly foods. In this instance, just make sure you're not going out on a hot date that night.


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