5 Ways to Spend New Year's Eve This Year

2021 has been quite a year, to say the least.

Whether yours was mostly good or mostly bad, there are plenty of reasons to have some form of New Year's Eve celebration this year—no question about it. But now that December is nearing an end, it's time to find a way to spend the day (and more importantly, the night) that works for you. No matter your celebration style, here are some ways to keep in mind as you work out the details on how to spend the last hours of 2021:

1. Host a Party for Friends

Most of the last two years were spent away from those we love being around the most, so now that things are better off, it's time to get gathering! Get a group chat going with your crew of closest friends, get your family or a friends' family to agree to let you host at home and start party planning. It doesn't have to be costly, either—you can find plenty of glitzy décor, party snacks and even bubbly (sparkling grape juice, anyone?) at your local dollar store. Bonus points for creating some photo-booth style props for the 'gram.

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2. Find Somewhere to Watch Fireworks

Would it really be NYE without fireworks? If your town does a big display, think about getting with your family or some friends to head out and watch them go off at midnight. Or, simply set up on your driveway if you have a feeling your neighborhood residents may be setting off displays of their own (this option is best accompanied by ice cream and other snacks, of course). Plus, these ideas don't even require you to change out of your PJ's, and what's not to love about that?


3. Look Back at the Last Year's Highlights

It's all too easy to simply classify a year as being hard or bad, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't full of fantastic moments that are worthy of looking back on! Go back through your camera roll and look for a few favorite moments, or simply think back and write down some of the times that made you the happiest. Use the space in your head to think of the positives about the year instead of the negatives, as it may just change your outlook and set you up for an even better 2022.

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4. Get All Dressed Up to Go Absolutely Nowhere

Even if your NYE plans fall through or you don't feel comfortable gathering with others just yet, that's no reason you can't bring on the glitz and glam all for yourself! Psychologically, the way you present yourself can affect the way you feel. So, when you throw on your favorite outfit and a little extra sparkle, you'll feel that extra glow, even if you're just sitting on the couch to watch the countdown with your dog.


5. Create Some Goals for 2022

Before you roll your eyes at the idea of New Year's resolutions (which notoriously tend to fail by the first week of February), know that creating some realistic goals is always a good thing—NYE or not. It doesn't have to be resolution-style, either. Instead of saying "I want to lose weight" or "I want a boyfriend," try some more vague goals like "I will get healthier" or "I will experience love in my life." These less tangible goals are a bit more open to interpretation, which will help you stress less if you don't see direct progress (for example, simply moving your body more every day instead of focusing on a number on the scale or noticing how much you love your friends even if a boyfriend never enters the mix). These can also be accompanied by positive affirmations that will help you step into next year ready to be the best version of you.

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Need a little help getting started with those affirmations? We've got you covered—click HERE for some affirmations to try this new year.