How to Stay Awake When You Start Dozing Off in Class

We've all been there.

No matter how much coffee you've just chugged or how much sleep you got the night before, sometimes your body just wants to be back in bed.

Teen girl sleeping in the classroom

If you've ever felt like staying awake is totally hopeless, rest assured, we have some foolproof pointers to keeping your eyes open. Keep reading for some ideas on how to stay awake when you start dozing off in class:

1. Get Some 'Fresh' Air

While bathroom breaks are a great way to split up the monotony of class or quickly say what's up to a pal (or actually go to the bathroom!), they're the best way to stay awake in class. If you feel yourself dozing off, grab that potty pass and step outside for a few minutes. Embrace the fresh air, and walk around for as long as you can before your disappearance is considered need for concern. By the time you come back to your seat, you should feel a bit rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the course.

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2. Keep a Portable Fan on Your Desk

Provided its noise isn't too much of a distraction, a portable fan on your desk can provide that pop of cool air to keep you from falling asleep. Give it a shot!


3. Chug Ice Cold Water

Back to the whole cold thing, if you need a quick jolt of chill to keep you from snoozing, bringing a bottle full of ice cold water should do the trick. The freezing temp should shock your body and briefly distract it from tiredness.

Girl drinking water

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4. Answer a Question in Class

Ugh, not our fave option, but hey, it works. If you force your hand up when the teacher asks a question, your mind will focus on the answer, not sleeping.


5. Stay Focused on Taking Notes (or Even Doodling)

Doing anything to stay occupied when you can't keep your eyes open is key, and taking notes will not only keep you on top of the lesson plan, but will also keep your mind busy. If you're absolutely too exhausted to pay attention, even simple doodling should help help you stay awake.

Zoe Johnson in a College Class

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