How to Stay in Touch With Your Camp Crush Once Summer Ends

There's nothing like a camp crush!

The only downside is, once summer's over, you and your crush will likely go your separate ways. While that's an understandable bummer, there are plenty of non-creepy things you can do to keep tabs on this special someone who caught your eye at camp.

Scroll down for a list of ways to stay in touch with your camp crush once summer ends!

Follow Each Other on Social Media

The easiest way to stay (somewhat) up to speed on your crush's life is to follow them on social media once camp ends and your cell phone is firmly back in your hand. Assuming you and your crush were part of the same friend group or had a handful of interactions over the summer, they won't think twice about seeing a new friend request or Instagram follower.

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Start a Text Chain

If you and your crush ran in similar circles over the summer, go ahead and start a text chain with that group of friends, crush included. This way, you can pose questions or share updates with the group without your crush growing suspicious. If all goes according to plan, your crush will likely share tidbits about their life, too, that will make it feel like you're still a close-knit group of pals, even though distance has gotten in the way.

What's more? If you have your crush's phone number as part of a group text, there's nothing wrong with sending them your own birthday wishes or wishing them good luck on a test they might have mentioned in the larger group.


Make Plans to See Your Camp Friend Group

Aside from social media and texting, a great way to stay in touch with your crush after camp is to stay involved with your entire friend group. While texts and likes are well and good, seeing each other in person is even better. Is a mutual friend's big birthday coming up? If you can manage it, make a plan to celebrate with your camp pals in a location that works for a number of people, and be sure to invite your crush to tag along.

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Help Plan a Camp Reunion

Since you and your camp pals are only together for only a short time out of the year, there's absolutely nothing wrong with planning a reunion at some point during the school year so everyone can catch up and spend time together. Whether you plan a bowling party or simply agree to meet at a nearby mall for a day of food and fun, a reunion is the perfect way to stay in touch with all of your camp friends (crush included), while keeping tabs on the object of your affection in the process.


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