7 Ways to Stay On Your Crush's Radar, Even During Quarantine

Quarantine has messed all sorts of stuff up when it comes to school.

From high school and college sports to in-person classes to making new friends, COVID-19 has taken its toll. And while we're not sure when social distancing rules will be lifted, there is still hope.

Perhaps one of the hardest things to combat during these times is figuring out how to properly date. Are you crushing on someone, but worry they'll forget about you? Keep reading for the seven ways to stay on your crush's radar, even during quarantine.

1. Send Them a "Good Morning" or "Good Night" Text Every Now and Then

If you're casual friends with your crush, sending them a cute "good morning" or "good night" text is your into a convo. Make sure you only do this about once a week. After all, you don't want to scare them away! By sending them these sweet texts, you're not only reminding them of your existence, but you're also showing you're a loving and caring person. And who knows, in time it might be them sending you the first text!

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2. Stay Active On Social Media

We're not saying you need to be on Instagram or TikTok every waking moment of the day, but it is important to stay active on your different social media channels. Whether you're posting what you ate on your story, a cute picture on your timeline or a hilarious TikTok, maintaining a presence is vital to staying on your crush's radar.


3. Send Them Funny Memes on Instagram

One of the best parts of crushing on someone is getting to know them. So, the next time you're scrolling on Instagram and see something you think they'd find funny, DM it to them! This is a great way to be playful and have a fun side to your friendship/relationship. Not everything has to be serious 100% of the time, and it is so important to find humor in situations, especially during these unprecedented times!


4. Text Them Songs You Think They Will Like

Don't you find it super flattering when someone is obviously thinking of you? It's no different for your crush, so we think texting them songs that remind you of them is a great idea to staying on their radar. Whether it's a song you think they'd like or one with lyrics that remind you of them, they'll be head-over-heels in no time.

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5. Ask If They Want to Video Chat

Getting at least some face-to-face time with your crush is a must. Sure, texting and talking over social media is also great, but without at least some real contact, you might not be able to see what's beneath the surface. We suggest throwing the idea out there of video chatting. Whether it's just the two of you on FaceTime or a group of your friends on Zoom, we highly recommend this tactic.


6. Have Virtual Study Sessions If You're in the Same Class

If you and your crush have a class or two together, bring up the idea of having virtual study sessions. You can compare notes, quiz each other and help each other study for upcoming tests. And while this isn't exactly our definition of fun, it's a good way to show that you take your education seriously. Hopefully, they do, too!


7. Tell Them You Miss Seeing Them In Person

If it's been a long time since you've seen your crush in person, be sure to tell them how much you miss them. Bring up a specific memory and tell them you were thinking of it, and it made you miss them. Chances are, they will reciprocate your feelings. Maybe the two of you can even make plans to go on an actual date once all the restrictions are lifted!


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