How to Stay Positive When Bad Things Are Happening to Everyone Around You

No matter what you do, you'll always be influenced by your surroundings.

That truth hits especially hard when you realize everyone around you is experiencing crappy things. When you're constantly inundated with other people's hardships, it's easy to feel wrapped up as if the situations are your own. But guess what? They're not—and while you should absolutely be supportive, you don't need to take on their burdens, or think that you have to be miserable just because they are.

Keep reading for how to stay positive when bad things are happening to everyone around you.

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Be a Good Listener, But Not an Absorber

There's a difference between listening to information and absorbing information. When people close to you are going through a crappy time, you definitely want to be a great listener. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to absorb all of their feelings. Yes, it's easy to feel angry or frustrated for another person. Good people (aka you) feel empathy constantly, but when things are crappy in your circle you need to make a conscious effort to not absorb others' feelings. Understand that everyone has their own journey and ups and downs. The only journey you truly need to worry about is your own.

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Journal your Frustrations

Are you upset your parent lost a job? Does it make you scared that your BFF got kicked out of school? Major life events that happen to loved ones can keep us awake at night more often than we like to admit. If you find yourself worrying about problems your loved ones are facing, start a journal. Write down the feelings that their life events give you. Nail down how your life can be impacted by their circumstances. Sometimes, seeing things all laid out makes them less scary than what they are in your head.


Talk About It with Another Friend or Relative Who Isn't Impacted

If you can't help but feel weighed down when people around you are in the dumps, find a friend or relative who hasn't been hit with bad luck. After zeroing in on this person who is in a better space, share your feelings and fears. Talking it out always helps and finding positive sources to do that with is even better.


Look for an Upside

When everything seems to be going wrong for everyone around you, look for a silver lining. Find a few quiet minutes and focus on what good can come out of the various situations facing the people who are affected by negativity. A door closing for a loved one only means that another will open very shortly. Keep positive and things will work themselves out.

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