The repercussions of being indecisive can go far beyond not being able to figure out your dinner order.

It’s one thing to be casually undecided about something, and another to always second-guess your decisions. If you find yourself going back and forth between important choices, this post if for you.

Read on for five easy ways to stop being so indecisive!


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Stop and Silence the Voices

Oftentimes being indecisive is a result of many voices playing out scenarios in our head. Some scenarios are good, some are bad, and some you should silence and not listen to! If you find yourself gravitating towards a voice that is too negative, the first step is to recognize it. Ask yourself where this negativity is coming from. Is it fear? Is it lack of confidence?

After you acknowledge the voice, move quickly to silence it. If it pops up again with negative comments during your decision-making process, try the same exercise: recognize and ignore. More often than not, it’s fear or insecurity driving those voices, and silencing them will give us a clear head to make the best choice.


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Figure Out Who You’re Trying to Impress

Another big factor with indecision is figuring out who is making you unsure. Are you afraid that taking one decision will make your friends hate you? Are trying to anticipate what choice your S.O. wants you to take? Figuring out who you want to impress is important to factor in.

Once that person is singled out in your head, it can be easier to make clear decisions about what is good for you, regardless of impressing others. Trust that people in your life love you for who you are and that they’ll be happiest when you’re happy and confident.


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Press Pause

More often than not, we pressure ourselves to make decisions immediately. But really, our mind can benefit from sleeping on a choice or bouncing it around loved ones for their thoughts. Instead of quickly deciding on something that makes you nervous, simply ask yourself if it can wait. If the answer is yes, then press pause and let the decision come to you.


Know Your Strengths and Seize Them

When mulling over a tough choice, think about your strengths and how you can capitalize on them. If a decision will lead you down a path where you have a lot of weaknesses, you might regret it in the end. If the same decision has the power to steer you to your strengths, it’s something you should consider moving forward with.

For example, if you’re weighing whether or not debate club auditions are for you, factor in how outgoing you are. If your strength is being outgoing, you’ll most definitely enjoy debate club, as the exercises involved in that particular activity require a person to be outgoing.


Above All, Trust Yourself

At the end of the day, indecision can be avoided by trusting your gut. Trust that you know yourself well, that you mean for the best and that you’re making the wisest decision with the tools you have available to you. Remind yourself that decisions can be reversed a lot of the times, and that in 10 years from now, it probably won’t matter much. Trust your instincts and instantly watch your confidence boost and your indecision subside.

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