How to Stop Comparing Everyone to Your Crush

We get it: You only have eyes for your crush.

They're the cutest, funniest, smartest person on the planet, amirite? Okay, sure, but guess what? You're not dating them.

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That said, don't you think it's time to give someone else a shot? Trust us, we know how hard it is not to have your crush in mind every time a stranger even says "hi" to you, but come on, keeping an open mind will surprise you.

If you're struggling to stop comparing everyone to your crush ('cause trust us, we've been there, too), keep scrolling below for our foolproof pointers.

1. Accept Reality: You Are Not Dating Your Crush

Holding out hope for someone who either may not know you exist or simply just isn't that into you is hindering your chances of happiness, and it's straight-up wasting your time. Think of your crush as a non-existent fantasy. They're not yours, they're not real, okay? For whatever reason, just think of them as off-limits.

Because you're not dating, you don't actually know if this person is truly the S.O. of your dreams; you don't know if they'll treat you like a queen or if you'll actually enjoy spending countless hours with them. They might be a terrible kisser for all you know.


(Riverdale via The CW)


2. Acknowledge Your Crush's Flaws (Because Yes, They Exist!)

Let's get one thing straight: No one's perfect. If you're chatting with a different person who seems interested in you and you can't stop thinking about your crush, think about something this person has that your crush is lacking.

Are you a sucker for straight pearly whites and your crush has braces? Is your crush a terrible listener, but this other person is super attentive? Think about the things (as minor as they are) that keep your crush from perfection, and focus on the awesome attributes of other people who give you attention.stop-comparing-to-crush-flaws-articleH-062018

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3. Consider Something Interesting That a Different Person Could Bring Into Your Life

The great part about life is every single person has something unique to bring to the table.

Instead of fantasizing about running off into the sunset with your crush, think about a takeaway that would come from getting to know someone else a bit better. Do they have a big group of friends? Are they super skilled at a sport, instrument or craft? Do they go to concerts on the reg? Expanding your horizons will give you a chance to not only learn a new thing or two, but will help you get to know yourself better, too!

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4. Think About Feeling This Excited About Someone Who Truly Likes You Back

As much as it sucks, the fulfillment you get from thinking about your crush isn't actually getting you anywhere. It's an immediate fix—a rush, if you will.

Think about how it would make you feel if these exciting emotions were the real deal! Daydreaming about your crush is an easy way to get that instant gratification, but it will ultimately lead you down a dead-end road. It's not to say you need to fall for every person who sends a wave in your direction, but attempting to get to know some of these people may leave you pleasantly surprised.stop-comparing-to-crush-likes-you-back-articleH-062018

(Riverdale via The CW)


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