Blazers Aren't Just Any Old Jackets—Here's How to Style Them

Blazers are the perfect charming complement to any outfit you might throw together—and yes, they can even be worn with sweats.

They're timeless and versatile, defying the confines of businesswear to become a true wardrobe staple. Blazers lie somewhere between comfy cardigans and large trench coats, making them the perfect in-between. If you're new to the blazer game, here are several ways to style the chic jackets:

1. With a Pop of Color

When in doubt, add a few pops of color to your outfit to make it more exciting. If you are pulling together a simple blazer look, but you're not sure what you're missing, add colorful accessories to make the outfit more dynamic. You can't go wrong by adding a few splashes of color to any blazer look.

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2. As a Dress

If you have plans to go out to dinner or out with friends, wearing a blazer as a dress is so chic. None other than Hailey Bieber showed off in her own black blazer dress and gorgeous studded heels. If you are ever looking for some blazer inspo, definitely look at Hailey's Instagram. She is the queen of all things blazers.


3. Chic Neutrals

Wearing all neutrals have never been more in than now. It's chic and you can never go wrong throwing together different classy neutrals. The look is here to stay, and is perfect for big events or plants out.


4. Make It Comfy

The best part about blazers is that you can wear them with practically anything—even sweats. To complete a sweat ensemble, throw on a crisp blazer before running out the door. Mixing comfort with class is so in. Or if you are headed somewhere in leggings, throwing on some heels and a large blazer will give it a bold, purposeful feel.


5. Go Oversized

Oversized blazers are making their way into the limelight. Back in the '80s, oversized blazers were all the rage. And, of course, they're making a comeback. Throw an oversized blazer over any simple outfit to add a little pizzazz.


6. Add Leather

Since leather is so on-trend right now, try pairing a blazer with the classic material. Whether you want to pair leather pants or a leather micro skirt with a blazer, you will look so chic. And if you are feeling extra bold, get yourself a leather blazer. There are so many great places to get a quality faux leather blazer, which will last you a lifetime.


7. Have Matching Accessories

Matching your blazers with your accessories can be so much fun. Searching through sunglasses, purses, shoes and jewelry to find the perfect match is the best part of getting ready. Adding a few little touches can really make the outfit come to life.


8. Patterned Looks

Patterned blazers are so alluring. They can dress up a pair of jeans and a tee so quickly. All it takes is one boldly patterned piece to make an outfit so much more exciting. t's amazing what a striking blazer can do to an outfit.


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