Interior Stylist Marina Bargouti Gives Us Tips On How to Style a Bookshelf

When it comes to styling a bookshelf, there are so many options to consider.

Long gone are the days of boring book shelves filled will only books. These days, you can jazz one up with all sorts of trinkets laying around your house. We spoke with interior stylist Marina Bargouti all about making a bookshelf camera-ready. Keep reading for her tips on styling a bookshelf!

1. Start Out With Large and Heavy Books

"Start with placing large and heavy books at the bottom of shelves and place them in both horizontal and vertical ways, at the center of shelves and at the corner. You can use decorative book holders as well to give it whole new interesting look. Then start stacking smaller books and magazines for a balanced look. The more variety of colors and sizes of books you use the more exciting it gets!"

-Marina Bargouti


2. Add Greenery

Marina thinks that greenery and flowers are a great way to bring life and color to a bookshelf. Whether it's a small succulent or a vase full of Baby's Breath, some sort of freshness will bring some much needed dimension to your case.


3. Include Decorative Boxes

If you have any decorative or even cute storage boxes laying around, they will make a great addition to your bookshelf. You can stack other objects on top of them, or even put little trinkets inside for storage.


4. Mix Up Shapes, Heights and More

"Don't be afraid to mix up different shapes, heights, textures and finishes of objects to give it an eye-catching visual."

-Marina Bargouti


5. Add Vases, Bowls, Etc.

The next time you find yourself at HomeGoods, stock up on cute vases, bowls, jars and even baskets. These are great items to add to your bookshelf. For the vases, throw in some real-looking, faux stems or plants for dimension!


6. Layer, Layer, Layer!

"Layer decorative objects and accessories—depending on your style and room that you're decorating, choose products that will help complete the room and add personality to it."

-Marina Bargouti


7. Display In Groups

Marina suggests displaying objects in groupings of three, five or seven. From there, make sure the objects are all of different heights and sizes to achieve a balanced look.


8. Use Different Sized Frames

No need to go shopping for these items, since you probably have tons around the house. Gather up old frames and throw in pictures of your family or even cool prints from Pinterest. You can also grab small canvases or other pieces of art—all of which would look fab on a bookshelf.


9. Incorporate Mixed Metals

"Add a touch of glam and luxury by adding metallic accents and mixing metals like silver, nickel, gold, bronze, copper or bronze."

-Marina Bargouti


Want to see Marina design a bookshelf? Watch the video below, where she styles a bookshelf just for us!


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