4 Ways to Style Cowboy Boots That Aren't TOO Western

Western fashion has made a major comeback in the last few years, and we're huge fans.

From belt buckles to fringe to hats to boots and more, the cowboy style is one we can totally get behind. And don't just take our word for it—look to your fave fashion influencers, and we can pretty much guarantee they rock the western vibe, as well.

Feel like showing off your inner, modern cowgirl? Keep reading for four ways to style cowboy boots that aren'too western.

With a Flowy, Printed Dress

Is it just us, or is the pairing of a flowy, printed dress and cowboy boots the dreamiest thing you've ever seen? We love the feminine touch of a dainty dress, as it gives off major romantic vibes. Then, instead of wearing sky-high heels or sneakers, the addition of cowboy boots brings it back down to earth. This angelic combo is one we're loving at the moment. Plus, it looks great on camera. Win-win!

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With a Structured Blazer or Collared Dress

There's nothing we love more than combining two seemingly opposite styles and making them work. The brilliant pairing of a structured blazer dress or even a dress with a collar, along with cowboy boots, is truly a masterpiece. The unexpected bluntness of the blazer along with the breezy, often fun, cowboy boot, comes across as super high-fashion. This is great for date nights and even holiday parties this season.

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With Cropped or Bootcut Pants

If full-blown cowboy boots aren't your thing, try out the more modern version, pictured below. When it comes to this style of boot, we prefer wearing it with bottoms like pants or long skirts—too much leg looks awkward and blocky. However, when paired with cropped pants or even bootcut jeans, the style is unmistakably refreshing. You honestly can't go wrong with a pair of jeans and cowboy boots!

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With a Monochrome Outfit

We're already big fans of wearing an outfit in one color, whether it's made up of different shades of purple, or a simple all-black ensemble. This is no different when you add cowboy boots into the fray. Depending on the color of your boots, whether they're white, black or something else, pair them with an outfit in the same color range for a daring and chic look.

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