5 Cutest Ways Influencers Style Their Jumpsuits

Say what you want about Instagram, but it's great at providing us with style inspiration.

If you're anything like us and follow influencers, style moguls, fashion labels and more, chances are, you've been inundated with some pretty amazing creativity and ideas. Lately, we've seen some super adorable jumpsuits styled on the gram, and we plan on copying these looks ASAP.

Keep scrolling for the five cutest ways influencers style their jumpsuits:


1. Combat Boots

First things first, everyone (male and female) should have a pair of combat boots in their closet. They're incredibly versatile, as they can be worn in lots of situations and with various ensembles. For a more military-style type of jumpsuit, we love the idea of pairing it with combat boots. Time and time again, we've seen influencers style their jumpsuits with a pair of classic Doc Martens, and the results never disappoint! We think they'll also look good with jumpsuits featuring a jogger type of bottom.

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2. Colorful Handbags

We love seeing a pop of color when scrolling through our IG feeds… especially when it's a gorgeous handbag. Whether it's micro-style, crossbody, a tote or something else, a fun hue is always a good add to an outfit. When it comes to jumpsuits, styling may seem limited (since the outfit is already basically complete), but that's not the case! Depending on the color of jumpsuit you're wearing, you have so many options to choose from when it comes to your purse. Get out of your box and wear something crazy!


3. Dainty Jewelry With Plunging Necklines

If your jumpsuit features a plunging neckline, we love the idea of wearing it with some of your daintiest pieces of jewelry. Opt for long, layered necklaces that will "fall" into your jumpsuit, as well as dangly earrings. It's probably the most popular style we've seen rocked by influencers on our feeds, and for good reason! It looks good on all body types and adds the perfect feminine touch. We think this looks best with gold-colored jewelry, as it gives the outfit a chic appearance.

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4. Monochromatic

One thing a lot of us have in common is we're afraid to take too big of style risks. We don't want to put together an outfit that just doesn't work, so we tend to stay in our comfort zones and do what we always do. But listen up, now is the time to switch things up! Start off with something simple like a full-blown monochromatic outfit. Since you probably already do this with the color black, use another color… it can be bright, neutral, white or something else! Just make sure each piece of your outfit falls in the same shade family.


5. Layered Pieces

When it comes to jumpsuits, style options are limited, yes, however, if you take layering into consideration, you've just opened a whole new world of options. If your jumpsuit is cinched at the waist, we love the idea of pairing it with a cropped moto-style jacket. If it features wide legs, we think it would look cute with a flowy trench coat. If it's spaghetti strapped, wear a sheer long-sleeve under it. Honestly, the options are pretty limitless, so you have lots to choose from!

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