5 Trendy Ways to Style Knee-High Boots

Long gone are the days of over-the-knee boots. Sorry Ariana Grande, but that was so last year.

This year, fashion is taking a turn and honing in on knee-high boots. OTK boots are a bit too provocative for us, so we're over-the-moon to start wearing knee-highs. These boots can be worn year-round, as they're perfect in cold weather situations (with jeans and a coat) or when it's warmer outside (with a dress or a skirt). If you're excited as we are to start wearing this trend, you might be curious how to wear them best.

Keep reading for the five trendy ways to style knee-high boots:


1. With a Blazer Dress

If you've got your hands on a perfectly tailored blazer dress, all you need are some knee-highs. It sounds simple enough, but once you see how in-charge you look, you'll want to strut down the street so everyone can see your trendy vibe. The key here is to do contrasting colors—for example, if you're wearing a white dress, opt for shoes like snakeskin!

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2. With Tucked-In Jeans and a Cozy Jacket

If you're looking to achieve a warm and chic 'fit, put on your fave pair of skinnies and tuck them into your knee-highs. Not only will your shoes give the outfit an extra boost of pizazz, but it will also keep your feet warm! To complete your look, grab your coziest heavy-duty jacket for a snow-bunny vibe.

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3. With Ultra-Cropped Trousers and a Tee

Whether you call them gauchos, capris or something else all together, they're making a comeback. Show off just how knowledgeable about fashion you are and pair it with another trend—some cute knee-highs! It's definitely an unexpected style choice, but that's exactly why we love it. Tuck in a fitted tee to complete your ensemble.


4. With a Sweater Dress

We live for a good sweater dress—especially when it's crisp outside. Our fave sweater dresses have a turtle-neckline and rest a few inches above the knee. When worn with knee-high boots, only the teensiest part of your legs are bare, making it the perfect mixture of both cuteness and coziness.

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5. With a Matching Skirt and Trench Coat

Chances are, you have a few two-piece sets in your closet. But do you have a set that includes a trench coat? Since you've undoubtedly seen trenches all over your IG feed, trust us when we say you're getting in on the trend at the perfect time. Grab your fave pair of knee-highs to complete your bold outfit.

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