Our Favorite Ways to Style Socks With Every Type of Shoe

Sometimes it's fun to break the rules—especially when it comes to fashion.

Some people will never try bending a fashion faux pas, but where's the fun in that? From mixing metals to wearing denim on denim, we love playing around with what some people deem as not worthy.

Of course, there are some rules you should never break, like wearing smelly clothes or pants that don't fit right. But, for the most part, isn't fashion and trend-setting all about breaking the rules? One of those rules we love to break is wearing socks with shoes. Not sure how to style them? Keep reading for our favorite ways to style socks with every type of shoe.

With Mules

We love a pair of mules. They're fuss-free and easy to slip on. Look at how the first photo is styled—the blue of the "Nike" on the sock and the blue of the shoe are slightly different shades, but it works. In the second photo, the mules are styled with neutral pleated socks, and we're digging the look. As long as your socks aren't ankle length, the end result will be great.

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With Heels

We don't wear heels all too often, but when we do, we love to make a statement. How adorable are the sheer socks in the first photo? The colors of the foot situation are all neutrals, and they look fab together. In the second photo, we can see the heels are styled with some funky socks. Don't be afraid to show off some designs, whether they're flowers, avocados, logos or anything else!


With Booties

Whether you decide to wear socks to make a fashion statement or for comfort, wearing them with boots is definitely the easiest way to style them. In the first photo, we can see a pair of socks peeking out over a classic pair of Docs—it's subtle and classic. The second photo shows a pair of booties with mismatched socks. It's certainly a risk, but we're actually kind of into it!

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With Sneakers

Pairing socks with sneakers is sort of a no brainer. If you have a fave pair of dad shoes, style them with simple white socks. Be sure to slouch them a bit, like in the photo below. Or, if you have some socks with a graphic or saying you want to show off, pair those with your sneaks, like in the second pic!


With Chunky Loafers

First, a prayer to the Prada gods—hopefully, they're willing to loan us a pair of loafers. In all seriousness, though, socks with loafers are probably our first choice on this list. Take the first photo—the purple of the socks and the dress look absolutely stunning with the cream-colored loafers. You can easily try this out with any color. We're also loving the second picture. Sheer knee highs? Sign us up.


With Pumps

We know, we know—when do we ever get the chance to wear pumps? Well, in the off-chance that you do wear them, why not pair them with some fun socks? Look at the first photo, for example. Sheer polka dots? Genius! We're also vibing with the second picture. A bright pop of color never hurt anybody.

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With Slides

Tbh, we're not the biggest fans of slides. But, if you must wear them, at least make them look good. Step up your game with some pleated socks. The first picture is a style we can actually get behind. The slides themselves are feminine and dainty, which we adore. The second photo shows off a more classic style of slides. The socks have blue accents, which we think truly brings the outfit together.

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