How to Sunday Reset Like a Pro

If you experience Sunday scaries, then you need a proper Sunday reset to start your week off right.

We cracked the code to eliminate your Monday blues, start your week on the right foot and, as the wise Lizzo once said, get you "Feeling good as hell." Here are some of our favorite go-to ways to make the most of what feels like the shortest day of the week. Once you start doing them, chances are that they will become rituals.

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The first thing that gets us out of the drama and hecticness of the week is to start our last day of the weekend with a mind dump. Throw everything you felt or dealt with over the weekend in a journal and let it live there. Whatever emotions may have come up for you this weekend, put it all in the journal—this is your free space to get everything off your chest. Don't let negative emotions follow you into the week.


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Once you complete your mind dump, start a fresh page in your journal for your weekly agenda. What do you need to do to get closer to my bigger goals? What can you do daily to help you achieve what you want? Side note—this schedule should also include less exciting to-do lists, like grabbing paper towels, walking the dog or remembering to take the trash out so your roommate doesn't kill you. You know, the usual.



Whatever your favorite way to move your body may be, try to get in some exercise. Whether it be light stretching, walking or a HIIT workout, any movement, especially right before bed, will allow you to fall into a deep sleep and get you feeling fresh for Monday.

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If you have ever been grocery shopping on a Sunday, you know it gets hectic! We recommend getting your groceries on Saturday because, as mentioned before, we are trying to "feel good as hell," and a crazy frenzy at the grocery store on a Sunday night isn't fitting the bill. If you are interested in meal-prepping, you now have all you need to cook the day into oblivion. Allow your cooking for the week to be a calming, meditative experience instead of stressful. Put on your favorite playlist, light some candles or even use it as a time to FaceTime a friend.



There is nothing like stripping our bed of our procrastinated, stale sheets to replace them with fresh, new ones. Take the laundry basket that's been sitting in the corner for weeks—don't worry, we're susceptible to this procrastination, too—and get cleaning! There is nothing like having a clean wardrobe and sheets for the week.


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