How to Support a Friend Who Doesn't Have a Mom on Mother's Day

Some holidays can be incredibly hard for our friends.

While Mother's Day is traditionally supposed to be a lighthearted day of celebration, it can be a very sad date for somebody who doesn't have a mom.

If you're lucky enough to celebrate with your own mother, here are some tips you can follow to make your friend without a mom feel better.


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Contact Your Friend When You Wake Up

Set the tone for their day by checking in bright and early. Don't mention the holiday but do ask how they're feeling that day. If they sound a bit sad or unlike themselves, make a mental note to check in a bit later. If your friend happens to open up about their feelings when you contact them, give them an invitation to reach out at any time of the day. Let them know they won't be interrupting and that you would love to see them through the day.

Make Plans to Spend Time Together the Day After

It's completely reasonable that your mom will want all of your time on Mother's Day. It may also be hard to slip out of the house to go meet up with a friend. For these reasons, it's a great idea to make plans for the day after Mother's Day. These plans will give your friend something to look forward to, once their most painful day has passed.


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Extend an Invitation to Your Family's Celebration

If your parents are okay with it and your friend can take it, consider inviting them to your own Mother's Day celebration. Make sure both of the aforementioned conditions are met before you go this route. First, you don't want to upset your parents by bringing a surprise guest into the equation. Explain to them how your friend may feel, and get the "okay" to have them over.

Second, make sure your friend is able to partake in your family time and be fine. For some people, finding a pseudo-family helps alleviate the pressure that comes with these holidays. For others, it can be excruciating having to witness somebody else experience what you so desperately want. A good way to gauge if your friend is ready is to listen for small cues that they may be inviting themselves. If they keep on asking about your plans with the hope to get an invite, it's okay to move in this direction. Otherwise, stick to meeting them after the celebrations.

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