7 Ways to Support Small Businesses During COVID-19

The coronavirus has halted everything.

Restaurants, nail salons, schools… literally everything deemed not essential, has been forced to close down. Because of this, a lot of companies aren't going to make it through to the other end. They'll inevitably be forced to shut down and let go of their employees.

If you want to be part of the force to not let this happen, keep reading to find out the seven ways to support small businesses during COVID-19:

1. Take Advantage of Free Delivery Services

Instead of getting takeout or delivery from chain restaurants, support local businesses in your community. Chances are, they're doing some sort of delivery or pick-up option. They might even be offering a discount.

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2. Tip Employees More Than You Usually Would

The next time you go to your local coffee shop or pick up food, make sure you tip the person very generously. They're risking their lives in order to serve you and keep their business thriving, so the least you can do is give them a decent tip.


3. Sign Up for Subscription Services

Right now, a lot of companies (especially gyms and other workout institutions) are offering free or discounted subscription services. They're deals that will likely never happen again, so take advantage and sign up for these subscription services!


4. Keep Your Memberships

You likely have a few memberships already. Whether it's to your local yoga studio or something else, don't cancel it. Don't worry, they won't charge you while they're closed, but make sure to still support them, because once things get up and running again, they'll be struggling.


5. Ask Your Favorite Stores If They're Doing Online or Curbside Pickups

If you miss going to your local book store, flower shop, farmer's market stand, clothing store or literally anything else, reach out and ask what they're doing during COVID-19. A lot of businesses are still chugging along, so they might offer something like curbside pickups.

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6. Sign Up for Newsletters

Whether it's your favorite clothing store, beauty product or something else, by signing up for newsletters, you'll get promotions in the mail. When you're offered a discount for something, you're more likely to place an order.


7. Donate

If you happen to have some extra cash, consider donating it to a local small business. Every penny is appreciated during these hard times, and you will feel incredibly rewarded after doing such a kind act for someone.


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