How to Take Your Ponytail to the Next Level

The ease of throwing your hair into a ponytail doesn't mean it has to be boring.

Despite the look's simplicity, the classic ponytail provides you with endless options, whether you're going for a casual look or something more elegant and timeless. Curious about the cutest ways to wear yours? Look to these stars for some inspiration.


1. High-Wrapped

We fondly remember Hailey Bieber's iconic Alexander Wang moment from the 2020 Met Gala featuring this high-wrapped look. She showed us how to make an updo flawlessly chic with a black velvet bow that quite literally tied the whole look together. If you're getting ready for a classic night out and you want your hair out of your face, Hailey's look will tick all of your boxes.


2. Loose and Low

While super high ponytails might be all the rage at the moment, you can still rock ponies if you're not a fan. Margot Robbie's loose and low ponytail is just as chic and memorable, without tugging on your scalp. Plus, this versatile look works for all hair textures.


3. Bubble Pony

The bubble ponytail is one-of-a-kind. Unlike an elegant high pony or a carefree low pony, the bubble ponytail takes just a little more time, skill and hair ties to put together—but we promise it'll be totally worth it, as evidenced by Priyanka Chopra. You can even change the size of the bubbles depending on your length and type, which makes it versatile for wearing with any type of outfit.


4. Slicked Back

Slicked back hair is so on-trend right now, and Zendaya makes it look effortless. A sleek look such as a ponytail can be worn either high or low. It's elegant, it's simple and it's perfect for any look—and all it takes is a comb and some product.

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5. Messy 'Do

We love how flexible a messy ponytail can be. If you want to keep out some strands or leave some bumps in your hair, like Megan Fox, by all means, do it.  You can try this look for any and all occasions you have planned. Night or day, this tousled look is great for both casual and formal occasions. Tease it up and add some dry shampoo for a completely tousled look.

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6. Curly Hair

Anyone can wear a curled ponytail. If you already have curly hair, this will be an easy look to accomplish, but even if you have pin-straight hair, you can style it first with a curling iron to add some waves for a subtle change. We love Selena Gomez's take on the look.


7. Braided Back

Braided ponies may be a childhood classic, but they can also be styled for a bold and striking look. Wear one from the top of your head, or try a more slicked-back style, like Laura Harrier's. Whether you're going for a sporty, edgy or chic style, this ponytail does it all.


8. Reaching New Heights

The high high pony is so in right now, and it's no shock that Sydney Sweeney is our biggest inspiration when it comes to the look. Her Fall 2021 cover shoot for Contents was absolutely stunning. By wrapping her ponytail several times, Sydney's hair gave us so much sass, and we can only hope to wear the style half as well as she did.


9. Volume is Everything

Adele's look gave us a new definition for volume. This style combines hair slicked back at the scalp, but with a ponytail positivity full of lift. This look can be done with curled or straight hair, but if you're going to wear it straight, we recommend flipping the ends just like Adele.

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