How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Want the Life Path They've Paved for You

Parents always feel they know best, but sometimes it's up to us to show them otherwise.

Although they are always well-intentioned, you need to speak your truth when it comes to deciding on a life path. Whether it's in regards to college, dating, career or otherwise, here's how to tell your parents you don't want to the life path they've paved for you:

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Let Them Know You Understand Where They're Coming From

Always start the conversation on a positive note. Let your parents know you understand that they're coming from a good place. This will help everyone open up instead of being on the defensive. Once both parties establish that the conversation is objective, and that it's to figure out what's best for you, it'll flow smoothly.

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Put Some Time Into Your Argument

Instead of simply stating what you want with no information to back it up, research your cause. If you're trying to convince them about a school or career choice, research the options. Write down your reasoning, and show your parents that this is an informed decision and not something coming off the cuff. Putting time into informing your decision will help them see that you take these choices seriously.


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Never Get Loud

Things can get heated, and it's always tempting to raise your voice. Under no circumstance should you lose your cool. Raising your voice or acting up is a recipe for disaster. It will also be a sign to your parents that you aren't mature enough to be making the said decision in the first place. Show them you know how to handle tough situations and act with respect at all times. Don't storm out if the talk doesn't go your way, but rather, end it peacefully and ask that you retake the subject at a later time.


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