How to Tell Your Parents You Failed a Test

Unfortunately, failing a test something all of us go through at some point in life.

Instead of stressing about how to deliver the news to mom and dad, take a deep breath and follow the steps below:

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Don't Delay

The first step in delivering the news is realizing you can't delay. The longer you wait, the larger the problem will seem and the more nervous you will be when delivering the news. A good goal to set is to tell your parents the next time you see them right after receiving your grade. Setting an exact time to deliver the news will help you avoid backing out. It will also show your parents that you have a sense of urgency about the situation.

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Plan How to Give them the News

Instead of dropping the bad news when your parents are in a hurry or already late for work, plan ahead. Do your mom and dad prepare dinner together? Do they pick you up from school? Find a time that you know they won't be rushed. Once you've determined what this exact timing will be, ask them if you can chat for a few minutes. Let them know you need to talk to them about your recent test. This will set the stage for them to be calm but also expect a bit of news.

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Rip Off the Band-Aid

Once you and your parents carved out a few minutes for your chat, push yourself to deliver the news right away. Beating around the bush will only make you more nervous and your parents more anxious. Be straightforward and use clear language. Examples include sentences like, "Mom and dad, I asked to sit down with you because I recently didn't perform as I would've liked on my math test. I received an F." Rip off that Band-Aid and you'll be thankful for how communication flows after that.

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Show Action

Once you've delivered the news, use the opportunity to show your parents how you're determined to not let this happen again. Showing action is the best way to calm their fears. Plan ahead for this part and figure out what you need to do in order to ensure this will never happen again. Do you feel like you need tutoring? Will starting a study group help? Have you talked to your teacher about extra credit? Clearly state all the steps you're taking in order to avoid being in this situation in the near future.


Most Importantly, Forgive Yourself

The final step is the most important one: forgive yourself. Don't let this hiccup take over your week and don't let it change the way you see yourself. We're all humans, and mistakes like these happen once in a while. Be confident in yourself and know that you can turn your grade around. Use all of the resources available to you and use this experience to get closer to your parents. They'll appreciate your maturity in handling the situation like a respectful young lady who cares about their future.


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