How to Tell Your Parents You Got a Traffic Ticket

So you got a traffic ticket and you're scared to tell your parents—believe us, we get it!

Not only is the process of getting pulled over by the police super stressful, telling your parents can be even more frightening. Don't worry, we're here  to help you out.

Below, our tips on how to tell your parents you got a traffic ticket (and remember to always follow the rules from now on).

1. Be Prepared to Have an Explanation

Yes, your parents are going to be irritated with you, no doubt. But they will be even more upset if you don't have an explanation for your actions. Make sure you can explain why you got the ticket, even it's as simple as you were driving too fast.


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2. Tell Them ASAP

Even if your nerves kick in, you have to tell them ASAP! The longer you wait, the worse it will be—seriously. It's like ripping off a Band-Aid, you just gotta do it fast and get it over with.


3. Prove You Learned Your Lesson

Beat them to the punch by telling them you learned your lesson while in the process of delivering the news. If you ran a red light, start the conversation off by saying, "I accidentally ran a red light, not knowing the light would change so quickly and I got a citation. But now I know in the future I shouldn't risk it. Next time I'll just wait." Your parents will find this approach responsible, but make sure you really mean it.


4. Know the Facts and Do Your Research

Your parents are going to want all the info and want it fast: what the ticket is for, when it happened, who you were with and how much it costs. Take responsibility for your mistake and be prepared to do what it takes to get that point off of your record.


5. Pay Up

Offer to cover the costs. If you just don't have that kind of money right now, tickets and traffic school can be expensive. Ask mom and dad to loan you the money and pay them back either in chores or in hard-earned cash.


6. Ask for Advice

Parents love giving advice, so you can always approach the situation like you have a problem and you're looking to them for guidance and a solution. Admitting you've made a mistake and that you want to do better is always a good route to take.

Remember to always be safe on the road and follow the posted laws and speed limits. Driving is a privilege, not a right. It's your job to keep yourself and others safe.


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