How to Throw the Best Virtual Birthday Party

Let's be honest: Birthdays in 2020 have been…weird.

For most of us, the plans we thought we would have when our birthday came around had to change drastically to accommodate for social distancing. Yet, while the hope is for friends to gather IRL by our next birthdays, there is something to be said for finding a fun birthday activity that doesn't involve a party or even a plan outside the house. Thanks to programs like Zoom, you can still socialize with friends, even if you're well outside of the six feet range.

While watching a movie over Zoom is an easy go-to, there are actually a ton of activities you may not have thought of that make for an awesome night. Here are just a few ways to throw an amazing birthday party, all with the help of Zoom and a little creativity!

Do A Remote Exercise Class Together

Many studios are currently offering private classes over Zoom, which means that you and your friends can try a new Zumba, boxing or even yoga class together without technically being in the same room. A private class with cardio dance studio 305 Fitness, for example, will totally wipe you out—and you'll have so much fun watching your friends try out their best dance poses.

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Bake The Same Birthday Cake

One thing that's a bummer about virtual birthday parties is not being able to share the same cake at the end of the night. But who says you have to share the same exact cake in order to indulge in a birthday treat? Here's one idea: Give everyone the same cake recipe to make before hopping on Zoom, and then have everyone decorate their cake over video chat. The person whose cake best represents the birthday person wins—though technically, everyone still gets the prize of eating a big slice of cake!

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Take A Virtual Painting Class

There are so many painting videos you can watch that will mimic the experience of sitting in an art class. There's no need to be Van Gogh here. The point of painting classes is to see how different everyone's art projects turn out—and honestly, if they're bad, all the better.

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Download A Game Pack

JackBox TV reigns supreme during the pandemic. The system, which you play via your smartphone, has a bunch of trivia and quirky comedy games that will leave you and your friends laughing every time. For a birthday, up the stakes by sending a post-party gift to whoever scored the most points at the end of the night.

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