How To Train Your Sister With Cimorelli!

Lauren and Dani Cimorelli have teamed up to create an adorable "How To Train Your Sister" video in celebration of the upcoming film How To Train Your Dragon 2!How To Train Your Sister Cimorelli

How To Train Your Dragon 2 doesn't come out until June 13, but the sisters got a chance to check out the movie early! You can also win a chance to see the film early at the Los Angeles red carpet premiere!

All you have to do is create your own fun "How To Train Your [Blank]" video! Fill in that blank with whatever you want and teach us how to train them!

When you upload your video to YouTube, make sure to include the hashtag #HTTYD2 in the title. Then Tweet the link @AwesomenessTV with the hashtag #HTTYD2!

Winners earn a trip to the Hollywood and get to attend the star-studded premiere of the movie!

In Cimorelli's own "How To Train Your Sister" video, Lauren Cimorelli attempts to train her younger sister, Dani.

She explains that the three methods to training a younger sister are bribery, trickery and force, but none of these methods works out as well as she predicts!

When nothing else works, Lauren finally relies on her backup plan, begging, as a last resort!

"How To Train Your Sister" is complete with adorable bloopers at the end of the video. We can't wait to see some even more awesomeness creativity from the girls on June 3rd with their summer web series!

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