How to Use a Blow-Dry Brush, According to Experts From Mane Addicts

Nothing beats the look of a blowout, don't you think?

Most people think you can only achieve that look by going to the hair salon, but these days, there are so many at-home tools we can use, like a blow-dry brush! And no, you don't need to be a hair pro to do it, but it is nice to hear from the pros themselves for some tips and tricks. We had a chat with Ayano Jinnouchi and Sabrina Porsche from Mane Addicts, and they have all the experience to back up their claims.

Ayano's client list includes people and brands like Bretman Rock, Kate Bartlett, Kylie Cosmetics, Boohoo, Nike and Pretty Little Thing. Sabrina's client list includes people and brands like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shea Mitchell, Nike, Kylie Cosmetics and Netflix. The two told us all about blow-dry brushes and how to give yourself the perfect blowout from the comfort of your own home in the interview, below.

Sweety High: What is a blow-dry brush?

Ayano Jinnouchi: It's a hairdryer attached to a round brush (or paddle brush). The heat comes out from the round brush and diffuses and dries your hair.

Sabrina Porsche: A blow-dry brush is a straight handheld, easy-to-use blow dryer with a brush attachment that gives you a seamless blowout that you can do yourself!


SH: Please take us through a step-by-step guide to using a blow-dry brush!

AJ: Follow these steps…

1. Use when the hair is slightly damped.

2. Apply heat protectant—I like to use blow-out cream.

3. Sectioning is important to achieve the best resolution.

4. Brush through the hair slowly multiple times until the hair is smooth and dried. If you would like to have volume, make sure to lift your roots up with the brush.

5. Wrap your hair and leave a few seconds for curly ends.

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SH: What is your favorite blow-dry brush?

AJ: I like the T3 Airbrush Duo ($179.99).

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SP: My favorite blowout brush is the Dyson Airwrap ($599.99), with the brush attachment!

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SH: Are there any hair products you like to use with a blow-dry brush?

AJ: I like to use Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray ($30) and the Blow Dry Cream ($28) from Unite Hair is a must.

SP: For any kind of blowouts I like to use thickening spray! I love Color Wow's Thickening Spray ($24). And depending on the hair I like to use Living Proof's Dry Shampoo ($39).


Interested in learning more about the Dyson Airwrap? Look HERE for our full review and to find out if it's worth the money.