How to Use Good Dye Young Hair Dye to Achieve Fun, Colored Hair

If you're obsessed with the band Paramore, and more specifically, the lead singer Hayley Williams, we are right there with you.

In addition to killer vocals, she loves playing around with her hair, which is why she partnered with her brilliant hair stylist, Brian O'Connor. And they're making a splash in hair coloring and self-expression with their healthy hair dye brand—Good Dye Young!

This brand is inclusive and values creative endeavors, with products that are cruelty-free, vegan and free of popular damaging chemicals. They're creating a new way to dye hair for everyone, with dyes that include natural sunflower extracts and nutrients to help strengthen your hair. Continue below to find out all about Good Dye Young, why we love the brand and learn about some of their most popular products!

The two founders showing of their products

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Streaks & Strands: $10

The Streaks & Strands dyes are bold and have a healthy semi-permanent formula. These are great for any touch-ups, dip dyes or small sectioned pieces. They have a super creamy formula that conditions the hair and are fragranced with essential oils and last up to 24+ washes!

Streaks & Strands is best used on light blonde hair, and for even better results, you can use GDY Lightening Kit to get a lighter canvas. To begin, squeeze your selected color into GDY Biodegradable Tool Kit (and don't forget to wear gloves!). Divide your hair into four equal parts and apply the dye directly to your dry hair. Let the color sit for at least 30 minutes then rinse it out with cold water and voila! You're left with the hair of your dreams.

Streaks and Strands

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The Dyeposits: $19

Dyeposit is a 4-in-1 mask used to cleanse, tone, hydrate and seal your hair. These masks are full of quality ingredients for deep conditioning, shine and bonding technology to mend damaged hair.

It's incredibly easy to use—just apply it to wet hair weekly or whenever needed!

Dyeposit product

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Poser Paste: $18

If you aren't into commitment, Poser Paste is for you. It's versatile and easy to use while also being transfer-proof and easy to wash out. It's safe for all hair types, colors and ages! It lasts for the day, which is all you really need if you want to change up your look for a hot second!

For the Poser Paste, you start with a small amount of product and rub it between your fingers. Make sure you're applying the color to clean, dry hair. Start with a small amount and build up until you are happy with the vibrancy of the color. The product dries quickly, so work in sections! And when you want to get back to your normal color, all you need to do is apply shampoo and rinse.

Poser Paste

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I'm Bored: $12

If you ever find yourself bored of your look but aren't ready to commit to a full-on transformation, you need to know about I'm Bored. It's a serum-like formula that deposits a semi-temporary color, typically lasting up to 6 washes. It contains aloe vera and soy protein to condition and toughen the hair.

To use, start with towel-dried hair. Once you've sectioned out the pieces to dye, pump the product onto your fingertips and work it through your fingers until the section(s) are fully saturated. Once that's complete, all you have to do is blow dry and style!

I'm Bored Hair Makeup

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Check out Good Dye Young's hair-healthy products on their website, Good Dye Young!

Good Dye Young Hair Dye

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