How to Use the Most Popular Types of Foundation Applicators

The key to a great foundation? The right tools.

Besides having a smooth, hydrated canvas to work with (which is why we're always preaching the importance of skincare), your makeup brushes play a major roll in the overall look and texture of your foundation. Certain brushes work best with certain types of makeup, and with so many to choose from, we're clearing up the confusion, highlighting the most popular types of foundation applicators and how to use them.

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Fingers: $0

The cheapest and arguably easiest way to apply your makeup? With your fingers! This is a great option and many foundations work best when they're heated up between the palms of the hands for smoother application and pore penetration. Just make sure you're diligent about washing your hands before touching your face.

Beauty Blender: $20

All hail the Beauty Blender! There's a reason why this is, hands-down, the most popular foundation application brush on the market. The Beauty Blender allows for incredible application control, allowing you to do looks ranging from super sheer to full coverage. The best way to use the Beauty Blender is to dampen it first with either water or your favorite mist, then dab it in your foundation and apply to the face. Also, make sure you're diligently cleaning your sponge so it doesn't harbor bacteria.

Beauty Blender

(via Beauty Blender)

Juno and Co Velvet Sponge: $6

The newest addition to the sponge game is June and Co's velvet sponge. The main difference between this foundation sponge and the Beauty Blender is the texture of the applicator. While the Beauty Blender is fantastic, the sponge material absorbs a lot of your makeup product, while the June and Co velvet sponge doesn't. This means less makeup wasted, so you can conserve more of your pricey product.

June and co Velvet Sponge

(via June and Co)

MakeupDrop: $20

The MakeupDrop that started a revolution! This makeup applicator features a unique drop shape and silicone material that's super easy to clean and doesn't waste an ounce of product. It's also nontoxic, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. For an extra perk, place your MakeupDrop into the freezer to de-puff your skin.

Makeup Drop

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Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush: $65

The Artis Elite Mirror Oval Brushes became almost an overnight sensation. Not only is the design super standout (it looks totally chic on your vanity), it's also designed to be used with cream or powder foundation and acts as a multi-tasking brush to seamlessly blend bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Artis Elitie Mirror Oval Brush

(via Artis Elite Oval Brush)

Flat Tapered Sigma Foundation Brush: $15

A flat, tapered foundation brush is one of the most common types of foundation brushes for liquid foundation. The Sigma brush allows for precise application and also has a fuller finish. Make sure to look for a synthetic hair brush because they are more hygienic and definitely make sure you clean after each use.

Sigma Tapered Foundation Brush

(via Amazon)

It Cosmetics Flat Top Buffing Brush: $48

If you're looking for a seamless finish but prefer the comfort of a brush with a handle versus a sponge, then a flat top buffing brush like this popular one from It Cosmetics is a great choice. It conceals imperfections, blurs away pores from view, and achieves a more radiant looking, flawless and air-brushed complexion. 

It Cosmetics Flat Brush

(via ULTA)

Too Faced Kabuki Brush: $34

If you're a powder foundation type of gal, a Kabuki Brush like this one by Too Faced is what you need. A kabuki brush is thicker and wider, with fluffy bristles, which allows for veil-like, even powder coverage all over your complexion.

Too Faced Kabuki Brush

(via Sephora)


And while we're talking about using the right tools–are you using the right brush for your hair type?