5 Ways to Wear Burgundy Mascara This Fall

When it comes to mascara trends, blue or yellow will never steal black's thunder—but burgundy? This one's going to give black mascara a serious run for its money.

Softer than black, but still making the eyes pop, this mascara trend is one we can totally see ourselves adopting into our everyday routine. Our pick is this L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Deep Burgundy. Get inspired by the looks below and try it out yourself!

Bare Eyes

For a subtle pop, swipe on a coat of burgundy mascara to your top lash line. If you want a little extra drama, work the mascara into the lower lash line so it creates a small smudge effect.


With a Red Lip

Don't be shy—you're already wearing burgundy mascara after all! Pair your burgundy peepers with a red lip. The trick here is to stay in the same cool tone family.


Monochromatic Burgundy

Burgundy eyes, mascara and lips! Play up this rich tone by going all out.

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Soft Peachy Eyes + Lips

Peach is the perfect complement to burgundy tones, and looks lovely as a soft wash of color across the eyes and lips.


Drop Shadow + Coral

For a '60s-inspired look, work your burgundy mascara into the lower lash line so it gets a bit smudgy, and pair it with a just-bitten-into peach lip.

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