The Best Ways to Wear Green This St Paddy's Day

Whether you're as Irish as the Blarney Stone itself, only a bit "Irish-ish" or haven't got even a drop of Emerald Isle in you, wearing green on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) is a must—even if it's only for the sake of avoiding being pinched by any pesky leprechauns throughout the day.

Not sure how to sport the shamrock shade on St. Paddy's Day (and yes, as your Irish friends will tell you, it's "Paddy's," not "Patty's" or "Patties") this year? We've got some ideas that should work, no matter how much green you've got to actually spend on your look for the day:

If It's Chilly Out: A Deep Green Sweater

Stay warm while staying festive with a chunky sweater in a gorgeous forest green or deep emerald shade. Not only is it on point for wearing to class, work or even a casual get-together, but it's also a versatile enough piece to wear over and over again.


If You Always Need to Have Your Nails Done: A Sage-Green Polish

Green is a seriously underrated color for your manicure, especially when you consider how subtle and soft a shade like sage can be. You can go with any green shade for your St. Paddy's look, and if nothing else you can enjoy knowing that green is a color associated with success (those green nails might just be the good luck charm you need when taking your next exam).

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If You Want to Keep It Subtle Yet On-Trend: Cargoes

If you're a fashion fiend who always needs to be on trend, you can still fit in some green without committing any crimes against current fashion by sporting a classic cargo skirt (or pants if you have a strict dress code).

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If Athleisure Is Your Love Language: Green Workout Leggings

A pop of color can really get your blood pumping at the gym, especially when you're looking fabulous in your favorite pair of green gym tights.  They'll help you crush your workout and keep the leprechauns at bay.

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If Green Is Totally Your Color: Green Shirt Dress

If green looks undeniably good on you, make the most of it by going all out in a look that screams shamrock from head to toe. A green dress is a great way to incorporate your enthusiasm for the holiday while staying fashionable.

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If You're Feeling Bold: Green Eyeshadow

You know those shades in your biggest eye shadow palettes that have never felt the touch of a brush because they simply don't suit your everyday look? It's time to bring them out to see the light of day. If you have a green eyeshadow around somewhere, now's the time to pull it out. Use it on your lids, as a liner or just to highlight your lash line for a pop of color that ties your look together.

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Need a little more inspiration for how to rock green in your wardrobe this year for St. Patrick's Day? No problem. Just click HERE for some of our top Paddy's Day-friendly fashion pieces.