How to Write the Best Instagram Bio

Why is it that explaining who we are in so few characters always feels like such a struggle?

Your Instagram bio is the first thing that people see when they come to your page, so it better be good. But how do you convey the intricacies of your personality with a mere 150 characters? Below are our suggestions for nailing that IG bio with characters to spare.

Be Ageless

We know it's a trend, but in our humble opinion, it's best to leave your age off of your IG bio. Adding your age to your IG profile–especially if you're under 18–can bring unwanted attention to your Insta.


Make It Funny

A good pun or a cheeky line can take you far. If you're good with words, drum up something creative and unique that's all your own. Like "Rice to Meet You."

Instagram Bio


Describe Yourself

A bio is all about describing who you are, right? So, uh, do just that. Sometimes we make things way harder on ourselves when all we really have to do is say who we are and what we like. For example, if you're a horseback rider who loves sushi and is into astrology, you could do something along the lines of "Horseback riding Gemini who is always down to grab ????."

Dahvi Shira Instagram Bio


Pop in an Emoji

Emojis make everything more fun, right? Sometimes it's all you need, other times it makes whatever you're trying to convey a bit more fun. Really, who wants to read?

Sophia Instagram Bio


Keep It Clean

Presentation is everything, so make sure your bio reads well. We suggest staying away from full sentences; just go with phrases instead. You can also use dividers to separate thought or ideas like, "Writer | Reporter | Producer."


Leave Your Relationship Status Off

We know you really love your new S.O. and all, but maybe save the relationship status for Facebook. Or, better yet, maybe even think about keeping it off of social media altogether. It's fun and cute while you're together, but not as fun when you break up. Plus, there are probably way cooler things that define you than your relationship.


Bullet Point It

Have an extensive resume and want to get as much in your Insta bio as possible? Use bullet points. To ensure it looks clean in your bio, draft it in Notes first, then copy and paste it. Note: on desktop it won't show up in bullet form but on a phone it will!

Allison McNamara Instagram Bio


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