When we’re trying to make smash-hit TikTok videos of our own, we’re often left wondering how our favorite viral videos came to be.

But with the new TikTok series How We Do, we can stop wondering and get all of our biggest questions answered. The series, made in collaboration between Entertainment Weekly and Sweety High, highlights some of the biggest creators of the week and has them revealing exactly what went into their biggest videos of all time. Keep reading to find out more.

How We Do

What exactly is How We Do? It all begins with the most creative influencers on the internet and how they made their most popular videos to date. This series dives into how they got started making the content that put them on the map, and the story behind their biggest viral videos. Where in the world did these ideas come from, and how did they do everything they needed to pull them off? You’ll learn all of that and more in How We Do—and find out the impressive view counts the stars pulled in with their one-of-a-kind ideas.
How We Do Cam Casey and Peng Peng Lee


The Stars

Of course, this series wouldn’t work without featuring some of the most talented influencers on all of TikTok and YouTube, but the show’s star-studded guests more than pull it off. In this series, you’ll learn all about Sean Sotaridona (aka Sean Does Magic) and his viral magic tricks, Cam Casey’s pool shock and Coke video, Hannah Stocking’s shocking “Love Story,” Dai Time’s rollerskating strut, Drew Dirkesen’s oobleck pool, Corey Funk’s home obstacle course, Peng Peng Lee’s WAP challenge and Cash and Maverick Baker’s “Whatever It Takes” music video.  That is a lot of views.

@entertainment_weekly@seandoesmagic dives into how he got his start in ##magic! ##HowWeDo♬ original sound – Entertainment Weekly

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@entertainment_weekly@itscamcasey shares his golden rule to finding success on TikTok! ##HowWeDo♬ original sound – Entertainment Weekly


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