How You Should Wash Your Hair Based on Your Hair Type

There are two types of people in this world: the every-day hairwashers, and the people who push it as long as they can.

While it's true that waiting a few days in-between shampoos is a good thing for your strands, the type of shampoo you use also makes a big difference, as does the thickness of your locks.

We tapped celebrity hairstylist Jae Manuel Cardenas, aka @tousledbyjae, from Sally Hershberger N.Y. to give us the lowdown on how often we should wash our hair based on our hair type.

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For girls with thin hair, Jae recommends shampooing every three days.

"I find that a lot of people like to recommend clarifying shampoos for people with thin or fine hair, but I always suggest that you switch between a clarifying shampoo and a normal shampoo because too much clarifying shampoo can really strip your hair and dry it out," he tells Sweety High.

Thin-haired girls probably know a big concern is an oily scalp, but Jae assures us that, "if you stop washing every day, your scalp will adjust and produce less oil."

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Wavy and curly hair typically tends to be on the dry side, so if you have this hair type, your goal should be to keep as much moisture in your hair follicle as possible. Shampooing your hair too often will only cause it to be drier.

"The great thing about curly hair is that you don't have to shampoo it every day," Jae says. "Some people I know can even go longer than every three days, which is great for your hair, considering it will absorb all of those natural oils."

When it comes to product, "I love to recommend a cleansing conditioner for wavy and curly hair," Jae says, adding that cleansing conditioners let you get a bit of grime off of the strands without stripping and drying it out. 

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If you have coarse to thick hair, washing your hair every three days is more than enough! Similar to wavy/curly girls, the more you shampoo your hair, the more you'll dry it out. But Jae tells us the biggest problem for girls with coarse/thick hair isn't the amount of shampooing, it's that they tend to not thoroughly shampoo their hair and scalp.

"The result of a poor shampoo leads to sebum buildup on the scalp, which isn't good because it clogs your pores and can cause dandruff," he says,  suggesting that these hair types call for regular moisturizing shampoo with use of a clarifying shampoo every few weeks to make sure the scalp is fully cleansed.

You can also wash your hair twice while in the shower to make sure you really get it clean.

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