Hug Your Cat Day Is Upon Us! Are You Celebrating?

We're not sure if you were aware, but it's June 4, which means it's Hug Your Cat Day! We think it's a holiday everyone should celebrate.

If you don't always hug your cat on a daily basis, today's holiday is a reminder to maintain a relationship with your furry feline friends. Though cats act independent and sometimes pretend that they couldn't care less about you, they really do depend on your love and care to stay healthy.

If you don't have a cat, why not visit a friend who does have one? We're sure their cats will enjoy double the attention on this special day.

Hug Your Cat Day!

And if you don't have a friend with a cat, or you're allergic, tweak the holiday a little to accommodate your own pets. Snuggle with your dog, whistle a tune with your parakeet, or brush your tortoise's shell so your pets feel extra appreciated!

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