We Hopped on a Zoom Call With Hugh & Grace, Rachel Zoe and Tracy Anderson for Earth Day!

It's been over a full year since I've been to an in-person event as a representative of Sweety High.

Almost every week, I'd be at some sort of launch party, workout class or meeting with innovative companies. COVID has obviously changed all of that, and most of the events I attend are now on Zoom. In fact, just this afternoon, I hopped on a Zoom call with the founder of Hugh & Grace, Sara Jensen—and she was accompanied by Rachel Zoe and Tracy Anderson!

Some Background

To say I was fangirling is a total understatement—Rachel Zoe has been one of my style inspirations for as long as I can remember. Not only has she built herself an empire, but she's one strong woman, too! I was interested in finding out why she was on the Zoom call. Why is she associated with Hugh & Grace? Is the brand paying her to speak with us members of the media?

And you know what I found out? She was on the call for free and of her own volition. In fact, she's actually one of the investors of Hugh & Grace because she truly believes in the products. And to dive a little deeper—Rachel Zoe's Spring Curateur Box includes the Hugh & Grace Renewing Night Serum ($90). She's obviously a fan and believer of the product to tie her name to it in such a big way.

In fact, she's been quoted saying, "I immediately fell in love with Hugh & Grace products—they make you feel like you're indulging while you're actually taking care of your skin."

Then, there's Tracy Anderson. As an avid fitness-lover (I'm obsessed with my Peloton) I'm constantly looking to women like her for inspiration. She has truly made a name for herself in the fitness and wellness industries, and I felt so honored to learn from her!

I was also lucky enough to not only be sent the entire line of Hugh & Grace products, but also the spring Curateur Box and 30 days of full access to Tracy Anderson's online studio.

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The Products

So, back to the call—the whole purpose of the Zoom session was to get to learn about Hugh & Grace, and what I found out is truly astounding. The brand's products are all under $100, even though they could totally go for way more than that. That's how good the products are! I've personally been using the Protecting Body Oil ($60) and my skin has never felt softer.

Hugh & Grace also prides themselves on being 100% hormone safe, which basically means that there are no hormone-disrupting chemicals in any of their products. I came to learn that this is unfortunately not the case for many brands out there, even self-proclaimed "clean" ones! In fact, Hugh & Grace says that they're better than clean, and I completely agree.

The brand currently sells four products—Protecting Body Oil ($60), Purifying Cleansing Bar ($15), Restoring Face Serum ($95) and Renewing Night Serum ($90).

If I could only choose one product to use, it would hands-down be the Purifying Cleansing Bar. It's strange because I used to hate bars of soap. I've always been a liquid, gel or cream soap type of gal. But this cleansing bar is on a whole other playing field.

If you struggle with eczema, dry skin, body acne or just need a boost to give you better, cleaner skin, the Purifying Cleansing Bar is just what the doctor ordered. And for only $15, it's a total no-brainer.

All in all, I'm absolutely loving Hugh & Grace and think everyone should try it. It's for all ages, genders and skin types!


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