If You Like Marvel, You'll Love Build-A-Bear's Latest Bears

Thor: Ragnarok'Nov. 2 release date can't come soon enough, but Build-A-Bear is making the wait a little easier with their latest stuffed animals.

Brand new Thor and Hulk bears just became available online, and they're as cute as you'd imagine. The Thor bear sports a smirk, as well as Thor's helmet, uniform and cape, plus a mini version of Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. The Hulk bear has a tuft of unruly black hair, angry eyebrows and a grimace, plus Hulk's signature green skin, complete with six-pack abs and ripped purple shorts.

Both bears are available in bundles that come with squeeze-activated voice boxes programmed with five sayings from the character. The Hulk bear bundle also includes a pair of furry Hulk hands, which we're excited to try.

These bears are super cute, but we'd love to see Build-A-Bear get even more creative with some Thor: Ragnarok characters. Who wouldn't love Loki and Hela bears to dress? But don't expect to see them in-store. Both of these are online exclusives, but we still think they're totally worth ordering.


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