6 Things You Need to Know About Hulu's Looking for Alaska Series

If you've never read John Green's Looking for Alaska, you're missing out.

A story about the trials and tribulations of growing up, this novel is a total page turner, complete with plenty of emotional content, perfect for anyone  craving a nice, therapeutic cry.

Thankfully, if you're not a reader, you don't have to waste your time sifting through the emotional language of the book. After years of on-and-off production, this story is finally coming to the small screen in the form of a Hulu series.

If you're all about everything John Green, keep scrolling for six things you need to know about Hulu'Looking for Alaska series.

Premiere Date

First and foremost, you have to know when the show comes out. Thankfully, we're only a few short weeks away from watching Miles Halter and Alaska Young on screen. The series is set to premiere in its entirety on Friday, Oct. 18. All eight episodes will be released that day, so be sure to set aside a weekend of binge-watching—you're going to need it.

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While there were some recurring actors in past John Green adaptations, Looking for Alaska will feature a fresh-faced cast. Kristine Froseth from Sierra Burgess Is a Loser will play Alaska, while Charlie Plummer from Boardwalk Empire will play Miles Halter, also known as "Pudge." Other cast members include Denny Love from Chicago P.D. as Chip, and Jay Lee as Takumi. 



Of course, we don't want to give away spoilers, but it's worth covering the overall content of the series. Suffice to say, Looking for Alaska covers some pretty heavy subject matter. Although the series deals with a few typical issues of teen life, it can easily to translate to an older audience. In addition, there's an almost true-crime element added in as the story progresses. While the emotional life of the characters is the focus, the added hint of mystery is sure to have many viewers on the edge of their seats. Don't think this series is kid's stuff—there's plenty to keep people of all ages interested.



As stated above, it's been a long arduous process to bring Looking for Alaska to any screen. Since its release in 2005, there's been constant talk about movie adaptations and television series, but nothing has come out of all the chatter. The Hulu series is really a blessing for Looking for Alaska fans, and it's championed by Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz. Considering the success of Gossip Girl, it's likely the series will contain many dramatic elements to capture audiences everywhere. While we'd venture a guess that this series will take a more serious tone, it's definitely exciting to know that our new favorite show has a few ties to a lovable classic.

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The Adaptation

For those who did read John Green's original novel, you'll be happy to know that the miniseries should follow pretty closely with the events of the book. Unlike a movie adaptation that often comes with changed storylines to fit into a certain time slot, the miniseries is meant to accurately capture the novel. That means every lovable moment will be recreated onscreen, a fact book-lovers are sure to be excited about. In addition, John Green himself has stated that he personally approves of the pilot. If that's not a flowing recommendation to give the series a shot at the very least, we don't know what is.


The Trailer

Ahead of the Oct. release date, Hulu put out a short trailer featuring all the main characters. The story revolves around this dynamic foursome's life at their boarding school, Culver Creek Academy. Creative and imaginative Miles has left his family "to seek a great perhaps" and he certainly finds it in his new friends. If you want a first peek at the series, watch the trailer below.


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