Hungryroot's Meal Kits Are MADE for Busy People

I cook as often as I can these days.

From quick bowls for lunch to yummy salads and proteins for dinner, I like to keep things as tasty as possible. But heading to the grocery store can be quite the hassle. I'm already busy enough as it is and I always seem to forget an ingredient. So, when the team at Hungryroot asked if I'd be interested in trying out their food delivery subscription service, I jumped at the chance. Continue below to learn more about the brand and my experience!

The Brand

Hungryroot is an online, personal grocer based on your individual needs. So whether you loathe going to the grocery store or just need some help coming up with yummy recipes, Hungryroot can definitely make that happen. Or, if you already know what you want, you can add the exact groceries you want to your cart. It's seriously that easy!

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The Experience

I didn't have a typical experience ordering Hungryroot since I did it through the PR firm that reps them. For my way of ordering, I basically told them the things I like and don't like. I mentioned that I have an onion allergy, so anything with onion, onion powder, etc., shouldn't be included. Additionally, I noted that I like to eat lots of salads, salmon, potatoes, fruits and veggies.

And when I got my Hungryroot package in the mail, it was everything I could have wanted and more! From sweet potatoes to lettuce, kiwi, grapes, scallops and salmon, to premade mixtures like black bean brownie batter, alfredo sauce and miso marinade, there were tons of delicious items to choose from.

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In my delivery, there were three specific meals to be made, including Creamy Scallops Afredo, 2-Minute Salmon Salad and Roasted Salmon + Superblend Bowl. So basically, my box had the ingredients for all three of those recipes along with things for snacking and doing my own thing.


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Since I was curious how ordering through Hungryroot would normally work, I went on the website and took the quiz, which consisted of 13 different questions. The brand asked some questions about me, what a typical day of food looks like, my tastes and more. From dietary restrictions to foods I like and dislike, as well as meals I enjoy, there was tons of information I put in, ensuring I got the perfect box.


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You even get to say how many people you're shopping for and why you're on Hungryroot. Is it to save time at the grocery store? Eat more healthily? Save money? Additionally, you get to let Hungryroot know if you like meats, seafood and even plant-based proteins. Plus, you input what you typically eat throughout the day. For example, I usually have a smoothie for breakfast, a salad or bowl for lunch, a snack, dinner consisting of a protein and almost always some sort of sweet treat at the end of the day. And I was able to let Hungryroot know all of that!

It's very user-friendly and will make your life way easier and less stressful. For the food I was specifically sent, I actually didn't make any of the suggested recipes, but instead, I did my own thing! Since I was cooking for both me and my boyfriend, I needed to make bigger portions and add in extra veggies, grains and more. One night I used the salmon and made bowls with the rice they provided. I cut up some broccoli, mushrooms and carrots, threw them in the air fryer, and served it all together. The end result was absolutely delish, and that's in part thanks to the quality of the ingredients (as well as my amazing skills in the kitchen).

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Bottom Line

With plans starting at $65, I'd say Hungryroot is pretty dang affordable. If you're looking to feed just yourself or even others, Hungryroot is a great option. With prices skyrocketing at the stores and gas prices going through the roof, this delivery service is bound to save you some money. I'm a huge fan and definitely plan on telling all of my family and friends about Hungryroot!

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