HunterGirl Reveals the Story Behind Her Post-American Idol Debut Single, 'Hometown Out of Me'

One thing we love about American Idol is that it's not just about whoever takes home the title.

In the latest season of the classic singing competition series, HunterGirl came in second, and her first post-Idol single, "Hometown Out of Me," is all the proof we need that she's got a bright future in country music. In the song, she croons about her love for the town that made her who she is today, with a bright, melodic voice that makes it clear that no matter where she goes, she'll always be a country girl at heart. We adored it from the very first listen, and were honored to get the chance to chat with HunterGirl about the new song, its lyrics and its significance to her after American Idol.

The Story Behind 'Hometown Out of Me'

HunterGirl: It was the first weekend that I was back in my hometown after the finale of American Idol when I finally got to see my family. Mom and I went to Food Lion, a local grocery store, and when I walked in, something caught my eye. I was like, "Oh my gosh, Mom, that's my face!" My hometown had bought ads in the local newspaper congratulating me and cheering me on after the season of Idol. I was trying not to cry in the supermarket because it was so sweet, and my mom was picking them up in her arms, saying, "Your Nana is getting one, your cousin, your aunt…" It was such a cool moment. I went back to Nashville that next Monday knowing I wanted to write a song for my hometown.


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What 'Hometown Out of Me' Means

HunterGirl: For me, it means that no matter where this life leads me, I will never change who I am. My hometown has supported my dream since I was little and especially through this crazy year of my life. I wanted my first single following the show to be a thank you card to my hometown. I hope the people that listen can feel the love for where I grew up in every line. "You can take me out of my hometown, but you can't take my hometown out of me."

HunterGirl Hometown Out of Me single art

('Hometown Out of Me' via BMG)


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HunterGirl's Favorite Lyric

HunterGirl: "I'm still the kid down in grandpa's creek." When I think about my childhood, I think about that creek where I grew up—the kid with mud and water on her jeans running through the woods with her cousins after elementary school let out. I will always be that little girl that loved where she grew up and all of the people in it.

HunterGirl hometown out of me leaning out window

(Photo credit: Mike Rodway)


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