Hyrule Warriors Game Boasts Serious Girl Power!

Earlier this week, Nintendo Direct presented an in-depth look at the upcoming Wii U title Hyrule Warriors, which puts a Legend of Zelda twist on the Dynasty Warriors series. The game looks amazing, but we're particularly excited that eight of the 13 playable characters announced so far are female!Hyrule Warriors Wii U Girl Power

Hyrule Warriors will throw players into a massive battle between good and evil within the Zelda universe. This combat will unfold in a number of locales that will be familiar to Legend of Zelda fans, incorporating sites from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.

The game will also include gameplay elements from the series we know and love, like fighting massive boss battles, cutting grass to locate items and digging through treasure chests!

As you battle hordes of enemies, you'll collect items and rupees as you face continuously changing objectives and missions.

Hyrule Warriors also features a number of classic characters from the series as playable characters, including a bunch of butt-kicking females!

First of all, players will get the chance to play as the eponymous Princess Zelda in a way they never have before! Her weapon of choice is a rapier, though throughout the game she'll also come to wield light arrows and more.

You can also control Zelda's Ocarina of Time alter-ego, Sheik, who fights with a combination of martial arts and her magical harp, or Princess Ruto, an amphibious Zora who creates pools of water to move quickly and attack enemies.

Impa, Zelda's advisor who has appeared throughout various incarnations of the series, wields a giant blade in the game.

Twilight Princess characters in Hyrule Warriors include the pocket-sized princess Midna and her wolf companion as well as the "insect princess" Agitha, who attacks with her parasol as well as formidable bug powers.

Gamers will also get the chance to play as Fi, the spirit living inside Link's sword in Skyward Sword, who can transform into a sword at a moment's notice to slice at her enemies.

Hyrule Warriors will also include known characters like Link, Ganondorf, Darunia, Zant and Ghirahim, but we're especially excited about a brand new character who will be unique to the new game!

The first new character to be announced is the sorceress Lana, who uses her book of spells to form magic walls that help her in battle.

As you play as each of these characters, you'll have the opportunity to level up, unlock and combine weapons, and even play the retro "Adventure Mode" game, resembling a classic 8-bit Zelda game!

Hyrule Warrors releases across North American on September 26, 2014. We can't wait to learn even more about it, and get our hands on the game to play as some powerful women characters!

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