(I Can't) Forget About You Music Video By R5!

After a week of teaser clips, R5 have finally released their latest music video for (I Can't) Forget About You, which takes place across Tokyo, Japan!(I Can't) Forget About You

The song is about being left in a daze and only being able to remember details about a special girl, and that theme definitely runs through the video. The Lynch siblings and Ellington Ratliff wake up in locations scattered across Tokyo and must try to regroup!

Throughout the video, the band find themselves in a number of wacky situations as Ross encounters an older businessman wearing an R5rocks.com bracelet and gets stopped in the street and chased by fans.

Rydel even wakes up boxed away in a crate of vegetables!

We love the new music video and the Japan theme, complete with a katakana version of the titles!

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