I Didn't Do It Starring Olivia Holt Starts Filming!

Olivia Holt's new show on The Disney Channel, I Didn't Do It, has started filming!I Didn't Do It

The new series will air early next year and star Olivia Holt and Austin North as twin siblings Lindy and Logan Watson.

I Didn't Do It's episodes each start in the middle of a crazy situation. As viewers, we find out how we got there through a series of flashbacks from both Lindy and Logan's conflicting points of view. Whose story will you believe?

The first two days of filming I Didn't Do It were September 23 and 24, according to Olivia Holt's Twitter account!

"Just got done with the first day of filming for #ididntdoit. #blessed" Austin North also Tweeted.

We can't wait to see what Olivia's new show will bring. She is such a sweety! She even turned her Sweet 16th birthday party into a charity event!

Will you tune in when I Didn't Do It airs next year?