Cimorelli's I Got You Music Video Has Country Flair!

Cimorelli have finally released the music video for the second track off their Renegade EP, "I Got You"!cimorelli i got you music video

The video begins with a powerful voice over read by the sisters.

"At the end of the day, what do we really have?" they ask. "When you take away money, status, fame and power, all that's left are the people who stuck around. The only thing we really have in this life is the people we choose to share it with."

"I Got You" is a song about sticking together with the people who matter most to you during the hardest times, and the video gets that point across beautifully! When their truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere near a quaint country shack, the sisters work together to try to get back on the road!

The track itself has strong country undertones that are reflected in the music video. We love that it's laden with American flags, pickup trucks and cowgirl signs!

Though the gals don't succeed in fixing their truck, they do decide to set up shop in a wooden shed overnight, playing music together and dancing in the rain! Everything about the video is totally empowering and we can't stop listening!

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