I Tried THIS Korean Miracle Pimple Product—Here's What Happened

Tale as old as time: girl has an important event, girl wakes up mortified at the huge zit that sprung up overnight!

I couldn't believe my eyes—it seems like my breakouts always pop up with the worst timing.

Acne patch I needed it gone pronto and started frantically researching the best way to have it heal before my big outing. Enter Korean beauty brand Peach Slices and their unique Acne Spot Dots.

acne spot dots

These small, translucent acne patches look like a sticker. They are placed on the skin for a couple of hours and just like magic, they promise to draw out gunk and impurities from your breakouts. 

Alicia Yoon, CEO and Founder of PeachandLily.com, and creator of the new line, tells Sweety High, "This is the must-have acne solution in Korea. It's Korea's acne secret that everyone uses for faster healing of blemishes. And yet, it's so hard to find in the U.S."  

It started to make sense that I had never heard of this magical solution before.

I asked about the process for using this at-home remedy. It certainly couldn't be that easy, right? Wrong!

"Just apply it to clean skin," Alicia said. "And then you can leave on for as long as needed, but when you see that the dots captured the impurities, you want to put on a new sticker. You can wear these overnight, under makeup, all day long, in the shower. It's really easy to use and stays put."

I got to work and opened up the package.

acne spot dots

The package costs $4.50 and includes 30 spot dots in three different sizes. I peeled off the appropriately sized dot for my blemish. The dot came off easily and was very sticky.

acne patch

I used a mild cleanser on my face and after drying, placed the acne dot over my blemish.

acne spot

While I let the patch get to work, I did chores around the house.

"What's great about the Acne Spot Dots is that there is no ingredient that is being delivered into the skin," explained Alicia. Drying and flaking is avoided by "using hydrocolloid to draw the impurities out of the pores onto the dots. Instead of the ingredient going into the skin, this has the ability to use the dot itself to draw the impurities out!"

The result is no irritation or drying. You wear the dots and after removal, you can physically see the impurities on the dots. The blemishes begin to flatten fast. 

I was was wondering why waking up to a huge zit always puts me in a bad place. Alicia made me feel better by reassuring me that it's totally normal to feel this way.

"It's an issue that can be daunting as it's hard to actually break the cycle of constant breakouts and it seems like so many products out there that can help with the breakouts can cause other issues," she said.

After a couple hours of wear, I peeled off my own dot to reveal a much flatter breakout. I could now cover it up with makeup and start enjoying my day. One application wasn't enough to completely rid me of my blemish, but I was happy with the results. I looked forward to a second application that would hopefully continue making my zit less noticeable.


Now that I don't have to worry as much about breakouts, I can move on to something way more fun like my favorite summer hairstyles HERE!