IAmReal With BET's B*Real!

Earlier this week, BET's B* Real division launched their empowering new #IAmReal campaign which encourages women to discuss how they stay real and true to themselves!IAmReal BET B Real China Anne McClain

B*Real aims to represent diverse women, their style, passions and successes. They're "a new place for the IT girl"!

In a video for the new #IAmReal campaign, stars including Remy Ma, Jessie J and China Anne McClain talk about being real, confident, powerful women. They discuss their inner IT Girls, and how you can embrace your femininity and  yet remain strong, capable women!

"I am real because I personally do not feel like I need a guy or anything like that to feel complete," China explains in the video. "I'm very independent, because us girls are very fabulous anyway."

Check out the video below! Love their message? Join our girl power community at Sweety High! You can also read girl power guest blogs by China Anne McClain and her sister, Lauryn, and check out our coverage of China Anne McClain's Sweet 16!

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