iDecide: Bella Thorne Encourages Safe Driving!

In a new video for the iDecide campaign, basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal gives a driving lesson to Disney Channel star Bella Thorne and shows her the negative effects of driving distractions!iDecide Bella Thorne

iDecide is all about making your own individual decisions and sticking to them, and about setting a good example for others.

In the new public service announcement, Bella and Shaq show us just how important it is for teenage drivers to free themselves of distractions when they get behind the wheel.

As Bella gets ready to back out of her parking space, Shaq pelts her with tiny basketballs, showing her how even the smallest thing can ruin the concentration of teen drivers!

He adds that something as simple as changing the radio station, sending texts, or looking in the mirror to touch up your makeup or fix your hair, can be just as bad.

Even if you don't drive yet, you can make a big difference in making sure the drivers in your life don't get sidetracked by distractions! Join us at Sweety High and tell us what you'll be doing to take part!