Can a Twinkly Bell Necklace Really Help Fight Stress? Here's What We Found Out

While I don't consider myself a super stressed out person, I do appreciate keeping tools around that help me destress and remind me to stop, breathe and think positively in tough situations.

In the past, I've used various apps and fidget toys to achieve this, but recently, I've become a big fan of the Ilado bell necklace, sent to me by its creators for review. I'm been wearing it on and off for a few weeks now, and I don't plan to stop any time soon.

The Product

Ilado specializes in Mayan-inspired bell necklaces which make a soothing chiming sound when they're in motion. In Mayan culture, moms-to-be wore similar pieces of jewelry, nicknamed "Angel Callers" for their peaceful notes, which were said to promote the well-being of both mother and child. Since then, many others have discovered the positive effects of their calming tones. Ilado's creators even liken the necklaces to "a fashionable stress ball." The necklaces are designed in Paris, and their prices start at $39.

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The Experience

I was sent Ilado's Acapulco necklace, which retails for $79, and consists of a gold-plated pendant on a metallic cord with silk tassels. The first thing I did when it arrived was roll the ball-shaped pendant around to hear the type of sound it would make. I was thrilled it didn't sound like a jingly Christmas bell, or a clanging cowbell. Instead, it made an elegant twinkling sound, like a wind chime. Something about it sounded downright mystical.


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Once I put it on, I noticed a small mismatch between wearing an Ilado necklace and my lifestyle. My work can be highly sedentary, and I recently haven't been moving around all that often during the day. This meant that I didn't hear a lot of happy twinkling when I needed it most, like when I was working out a tricky article or trying to troubleshoot a technical issue.

Of course, when I'd finally get up to take a breather, its warm fairy sounds would remind me to calm down and reassess the situation in order to approach it from a better angle. It was great as a mindfulness tool, sometimes acting as a reminder in itself to move more and not spend so much time parked in one place.

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When I decided to look into the Ilado website to learn more about its use, I encountered a lot of maternity stuff. While this didn't apply to me, I realized I could still get some good out of following along. It recommends different mini exercises with the pendant, such as rolling it in the palm to do "The Wave," swinging it softly like a pendulum to do "The Smile," rolling it on the belly to do "The Caress" and tracing a circle on my skin with the pendulum to do "The Bubble." It was slightly strange, but each of these did feel quite calming and meditative, even if it was just because they helped me make some space for myself during a series of busy days.

Though the cord of the necklace wasn't usually a great match for my style—my apparel is typically a tomboyish T-shirt and pair of jeans—I found that the sound was just as strong when I wore it under my shirt, or wrapped the necklace around my wrist as a bracelet. And if I were to ever want to switch up the style, it would be extremely easy to place the bell on a different chain for whatever occasion. Regardless of the look, it's something I want by me whenever I can have it.


Bottom Line

While Ilado probably won't be what makes every drop of your stress melt away, it might be a great tool for fighting it in small yet meaningful ways. Not only is its sound beautiful, but it also works as a fabulous mindfulness tool.

Of course, it'll work better for some people than most. If you're constantly on the move, for example, you'll hear from your Ilado necklace a lot more than someone who sits around all day. And while it's not incredibly expensive, you may want to consider what you're willing to pay for a twinkly bell on the end of a necklace. Still, I think certain people are going to find Ilado invaluable, and I'm personally delighted to have one in my possession.

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