I'm Not The Only One Cover Collab By Cimorelli & The Vamps!

Cimorelli have teamed up with The Vamps for their new cover of "I'm Not the Only One" by Sam Smith!cimorelli the vamps sam smith i'm not the only one

In the new video, both Cimorelli and The Vamps are short of their entire groups, but that doesn't mean that they don't shine as brightly as ever! It's sweet and simple, with the Vamps boys providing the acoustic instrumentation and the sisters alternating vocal duties with the guys.

Lauren, Dani, Amy and Lisa's voices are really beautiful on this mellow yet soulful take on "I'm Not the Only One." The video is straightforward and really allows the singing and instruments to be the focus. They really manage to make the song their own!

The video is capped with hilarious uptakes, including jokes are Cimorelli's long-lost English brothers, and Dani's creative descriptions of the boys' haircuts!

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