I'm Ready By AJR Primed to Go Viral?

AJR's latest New Track Tuesday is extra special, because today they released their first official music video. Prepare yourself for "I'm Ready"I'm Ready

The track is super catchy as well as inspirational, and it features samples of Spongebob Squarepants shouting "I'm ready!" What else could you ask for?

The video looks into a future in which the band's dream of fame comes true!

Watch as the music video goes viral on every social media vertical imaginable! We particularly loved the Tumblr gifs and AJR memes!  Maybe it'll go viral on Sweety High too?

We hope that AJR's predictions come true!

The band are also giving away free tickets to their show on Thursday at the CMJ Showcase at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Click here to enter the contest!

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P.S. So far, the video has a lot more than 3 views, and no down votes. They have a better chance at going viral than they think!

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